Life’s hardships happen. Moreover, they can happen to anyone. You could lose your job. You may not know where the money to buy groceries will come from. The list of things that can go wrong may seem endless. It may seem like the whole world is against you.

But, you don’t have to feel this way. Beyond Conquerors Ministry (BCM) wants to help you fight back against adversity and become the successful person you were meant to be. That’s why we created the BCM Success Institute (BCMSI) to provide you with the knowledge and support you need to get back up and chase your dreams when you’ve been knocked down by life’s difficulties.

Before, we tell how BCMSI can help you be an overcomer, we’d like to take a moment to share with you why we do it. Then, we’ll tell you about the specifics of how we can help you.

We Understand

Here at Beyond Conquerors Ministry, we want you to know that we understand that feeling of hopelessness that comes with experiencing life’s hardships. We have dedicated our lives to helping others because we’ve been there ourselves.

Our shoulders have sagged under the weight of life’s burdens. We’ve dangled from what felt like the end of our rope. We’ve experienced the desperation that comes from the uncertainty of not having the money to pay the rent or buy groceries.

Thankfully, we also know that life doesn’t have to be this way. You can rise above your current circumstances. Success is attainable with the proper support and skills. We know this to be true because we have learned this from others and have applied it to our own lives.

Because we’ve experienced these lows and have risen above them, we understand that everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. We have learned to accept that it’s okay to ask for help.

We Want to Help

Since we’ve been given a second chance, we want to provide others with the same opportunity.

At Beyond Conquerors Success Institute, we want to help. That’s why we have created BCMSI.

We want to bring love and hope to those experiencing adversity. At the same time, we recognize that it will take more than love and hope for you to overcome your problems.

Therefore, through BCMSI, we provide education that will give you practical skills that you can use to be successful.

Types of Training BCMSI Provides

Here are some of the skills you can learn through BCMSI:

  • How to communicate effectively with others

  • Creating a resume

  • Interviewing skills

  • Budgeting

  • Resilience

  • And so much more

Basically, we want to provide you with the skills you need to be successful. We do this through the courses we provide at no charge.

Find out what our courses are like with our free Employment Preparation training.

BCMSI Provides Free Success Training

Yes, you read that right. We provide this free of charge. We understand that life’s difficulties can drain your resources.

We don’t want to burden you with more debt, so we provide this training for free.

Plus, we’re a Christian ministry, so we believe God will provide what we need to cover the costs of this training.

It’s For Anyone Who Needs It

Yes, we approach success training from a Christian perspective, but this training is available to anyone who wants to benefit from it. We believe that God’s love is for everyone, so we share it freely with everyone.

God Has Helped Us So We Help Others

Honestly, it’s the love of God that fuels our drive to help others rise above adversity. God has helped us, so we help others.

Course Offerings

Currently, you can access our free Employment Preparation course by clicking the image below. As we design more courses, you will also find them listed below.

Click below to find out more about our Employment preparation program.

While BCMSI provides free resources, we pray that you consider donating. It will help us cover the costs of providing this training for free, so that we can help even more people be successful.

Employment Preparation


We work with businesses, organizations, and individuals

In order to sign up for the classes, please contact us by emailing at or call us at 240-468-7966.