Women in Africa

Help fight against poverty, abuse, and prostitution


Beyond Conquerors Ministry helps to fight against poverty, abuse and prostitution by working with the needy in Africa to obtain employment. Presently, we are serving in the countries of Togo & Senegal in Western Africa and expect to expand to other African nations in the future as funding permits. In these countries, gender discrimination is prevalent, specifically against women, and these women have difficulty finding gainful employment. As a result, over 80% of women that work in these countries are self employed.

For this reason, we have focused our efforts on finding those women that are in extreme poverty yet have a desire to work. We provide them with the assistance necessary to go to training for specific trade crafts (seamstress, weaving, hair stylist, nails, making home decor, mechanic, etc.), as well as providing living expenses and transportation assistance. Our objective is to help these ladies develop job skills to enable them to be gainfully employed.

On this page you can see some of the ladies in training, products they have made and their testimonies. In some cases, these women have developed the skill set of making Kente*, cloth, wigs and decorative items. Within our donation page, you may see some of the items that they produce and directly support these ladies in Africa. With your support, we provide financial assistance by purchasing items they have made, which will help them to rise above their poverty, stay away from abusive relationships and prostitution.

*Kente is the best known of all African textiles. It is now one of the most admired fabrics. Generally, women wrap the Kente Cloth around the body, underneath the arm at waist or breast level. It is also worn by men and people of all ages.

We help the women develop the skill set of making Kente

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