Loss Recovery


Specialist for Grief & Loss Recovery

We are also blessed to have Kelli Sheumaker join us. She is a Grief Recovery Specialist, trained by the Grief Recovery Institute. Ms. Sheumaker provides one-on-one (confidential) weekly sessions for seven weeks using Zoom designed to help people develop new tools that will allow them to move beyond the pain of loss. Examples of loss might be:

  • Death of loved one
  • Divorce or Separation
  • Abuse
  • Moving
  • Job loss
  • Chronic illness
  • Pet loss
  • Or one of the over 40 other losses

Grief Recovery Program

We work with businesses, organizations, and individuals

For more information, please contact us by emailing at successinstitute@beyondconquerors.org or call us at 240-468-7966.

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