Employment Preparation

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Do you need a new job but don’t know how to go about finding one? Maybe you’ve lost a job recently. On the other hand, you may want or need to change careers. In today’s economy, thousands of people are having to change jobs to make ends meet.

If you’re needing to find a job to make a better life for yourself, preparing yourself for the job search puts you ahead of the competition. Beyond Conquerors Ministry Success Institute (BCMSI) wants to help you so we created this Employment Preparation course to help you succeed in the job hunt.

The Effects of Repeated Rejection

Nobody likes to apply for a job and be turned down. Hearing someone say “We’re going a different direction” or “We have someone else in mind” doesn’t feel good. Add to that being told that you’re not qualified, and you take a hit in the ego.

Getting told that over and over hurts. I know. I’ve been there. I’ve felt the sting of rejection with job application after job application.

I was depressed and ready to give up. I had started to believe that I wasn’t good enough for any job.

Plus, I was at the point of desperation. Applying for jobs didn’t pay the bills. I was going to run out of food and my electricity would be cut off if I didn’t find a job.

I really thought there was no way out of this vicious cycle of applying for a job and being rejected.

A Breakthrough Moment

In that moment, I needed a break from my nerve-racking reality, so I do what I usually do when I need a mind break. I went on the internet. After a few mindless YouTube videos, I was ready to tackle my problem from a different angle.

It started with me searching for how to get a job. As I kept reading webpage after webpage about getting a job, I began to notice something.

All of these websites kept talking about employability skills and employment preparation. Next, I searched for these two terms.

Learning About Employment Preparation

It was like I fell into another dimension. All of this information flew off the page at me.

I began to learn about:

  • Interviewing skills

  • Finding the right job based off my interests and skills

  • How to present myself as a qualified candidate

  • How to create a resume

I learned all of these job search skills and hacks. Also, I learned how to be a better employee with better time management and communication skills.

Even better, I began to apply what I learned with the next application I filled out. Amazingly, it got me an interview. At the interview, I was hired on the spot.

The best part of all of this whole experience was that I learned so much about myself. I learned my strengths and weaknesses. This allowed me to grow as a person.

Most of all, it made me a qualified candidate. Actually, it made me the right candidate for the position. I got the job I wanted for the pay I needed.

I didn’t even need to go get training or spend money on college. I just became a better potential employee.

What is Employment Preparation?

Basically, employment preparation is training that helps you prepare for finding a job.

It includes everything I talked about before, but goes beyond that with:

  • Self-awareness

  • Workplace ethics

  • Workplace Safety

  • Interpersonal Communications

  • Conflict Management

  • Adaptability

Even this list doesn’t even include all that you need to know to prepare yourself for finding the right job.

Getting the Right Job For You

Finding a job that you’ll be good at and that you’ll love is what really matters. If you don’t love your job, it’s going to be miserable. Plus, if you work at a job that doesn’t fit your personality or interests that just adds to the misery.

Employment preparation helps you find the right job for you. Also, it prepares you for the hiring process. Finally, it helps you be a successful employee.

In other words, employment preparation helps you find the right job, get the job, love your job, and excel at your job.

Free Career Preparation

Unlike me, you don’t have to search for all of this information.

We provide it for you for free through our Employment Preparation course.

Yes, you read that right. BCMSI exists to provide love and support for those that are experiencing life difficulties. We want to be a source of help and encouragement to you. That means not adding an extra burden by charging for this course.

Therefore, we offer it at no charge to you.

The course is divided into 21 Units. Each unit covers a different topic within employment preparation like customer service, decision making, and teamwork.

To access each unit, just click on the image for that unit. It’s that simple.

How Can We Provide Free Education and Training?

Beyond Conquerors,Inc. is a 501 ( c) (3) non-profit Christian ministry. We are available to provide our services free of charge through the support of others through charitable donations.

Consider donating so that we can keep this training free so that we can show love and support to others as we help them find gainful employment and be successful.

Unit 1: Self Awareness


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